【Official】Yamakawa Onsen Kosugian

Northeastern Kumamoto Oguni Town

Higo Province is derived from Higo Oguni and is also called "Higo Province".
Please spend a warm time for our customers in the strong and gentle nature of Aso.

In our proud garden, you can see the gentle flowing rivers such as cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.
Feel the harmony with yourself and spend a different time than usual.

In addition, we have five Oro.
The source that springs up will relieve your tiredness.
Yamakawa Onsen Kosugian Higo Oguni an is waiting for customers today in the natural environment of Higo Province.


  • Embraced by deep trees

    All rooms face mountains, rivers and gardens.
    You can enjoy various nature from each room according to the season.
    Please relax and enjoy the nature that spreads in front of you.

Hot Springs

  • I just say"It's warm"

    There are 4 private baths.All baths are fed directly from the source.
    Soak your body and soul in the hot water on Tuesday and Wednesday in Aso, Kumamoto, and spend a warm time.
    Hot Spring Qualities:Sulfate spring water
    Efficacy:Chronic skin disease / arteriosclerosis / neuralgia / muscle pain, etc.


  • Kaiseki cuisine with a passionate taste for the season and ingredients

    There are many ingredients in Kumamoto, including Kumamoto Aka-Ushi (red beef)
    The chief chef carefully prepares each item.Please enjoy the blessings of Aso Kumamoto to your heart's content.


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Yamakawa Onsen Kosugian


1517-1 Kitazato, Oguni Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture

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Get off at the Hita IC Oita Expressway National Route 212 to Oguni Town, and take National Route 387 Kusu for 10 minutes.
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