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Yuki no Sato Oguni Town

Oguni Town is a mountain town surrounded by a lot of greenery, with 80% of the town area being forested.
Yamakawa Onsen is located in the hot spring Oguni Town.
As the name suggests, the surrounding area is surrounded by mountains and rivers.Get in touch with a lot of nature
You can enjoy the time separated from your daily life.
In addition, the road network is well developed around Aso, making it ideal for driving routes.
From spring to autumn, many bikers come touring.
At the foot of Aso, please come to "Yamakawa Onsen Kosugian", a relaxing and healing hot Yamakawa Onsen Kosugian surrounded by nature.

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Yamakawa Onsen Kosugian


1517-1 Kitazato, Oguni Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture

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Get off at the Hita IC Oita Expressway National Route 212 to Oguni Town, and take National Route 387 Kusu for 10 minutes.