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Sightseeing around

Aso land that colors memories

The area around Yamakawa Onsen is full of nature such as rich and quiet forests and rivers, and there are tourist attractions.
There are also spots where you can enjoy your meal.
Please use it to create wonderful memories of your walks and trips centered around Aso.

Recommended sightseeing around

  • Sightseeing spots around Aso / Yamakawa Onsen

    Enjoy nature-filled areas such as Mt Aso is known as the world's largest caldera, and hot spring tours.
    • Mt Aso

      Mt Aso, one of the largest calderas in the world, where you can fully enjoy nature.
    • Waita Onsen Tourism Association【About 10 minutes by car】

      Hage-no-yu consists of 6 hot spring areas: Hage-no-yu spring, Take-no-yu spring, Yamakawa hot spring, Asozuru Onsen, Jigokudani Onsen, and Suzugadani Onsen Jigokudani Onsen.
      .. "Waita Onsen Village"
    • Nabegataki Falls【About 17 minutes by car】

      It is very graceful and mysterious to see the water falling like a curtain illuminated by the sunlight through the trees.
    • Shibasaburo Kitazato Museum【About 4 minutes by car】

      It is a memorial hall for Dr Shibasaburo Kitazato, who has decided to adopt the new 1000 yen bill in 2024.
  • Restaurants around Kosugian an

    Introducing restaurants around Yamakawa Onsen the way to the hotel or sightseeing spots.
    • Restaurant Fujimoto

      A restaurant run by a shop selling horse sashimi, etc., which has been in business for 100 years.
      You can enjoy handmade and loving dishes using local natural vegetables and meat centered on our horse meat.
    • Okamoto Tofu Shop

      Okamoto Tofu Shop where you can taste "tofu" made from the spring water of Mt Waita Waita.
      In addition to over-the-counter sales, there is also a restaurant.

      【Address】Nanamagari, Nishizato, Oguni Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture
    • Jersey Farm couple

      It is one of the few farm restaurants directly managed by Jersey Farm

      【Address】2053-204 Asozuru, Nishizato, Oguni Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture
    • Housyozanmai

      There Waita Onsen Village and near the Kurokawa Onsen Minamioguni a Oguni, you can enjoy buckwheat noodles make a buckwheat flour from buckwheat of buckwheat flour and self-cultivation of Produced in Aso
    • Mushidori-Kobo Shirachi Sho-ten (steamed chicken restaurant)

      Was special grilled To golden brown with homemade sauce, you can enjoy Take-no-yu of delicacy "蒸鶏".

      【Address】2798-2 Takenoyu, Nishizato, Oguni Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture
    • Rice place Kitazato Baran

      At Kitazato Baran, which is located in the same place as the Shibasaburo Kitazato Museum, you can enjoy dishes made with local Aso Aka-Ushi (red beef) and Oguni Pork

      【Address】371-1 Kitazato, Oguni Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Free Gift

    • Ogunigo Yokatoko Asadori-ichi (morning market)

      Farmers bring and sell the vegetables harvested that morning.
      Besides vegetables, we also sell flowers and fresh meat.
  • Experience spot